In the beginning…

Thanks for joining me!

I’ve decided to write a blog for many reasons and only partially due to my curious wanderlust brain. I find I’m frequently contacted by peers asking if I have information, ideas or links to delicious topics. Fellow folk who know my wanderlust brain and thirst for understanding. I’ve decided that I spend too much time presenting topics I love and shy away from academic publishing due to time restraints. I know, this is not academic publishing but I will do more of that too and my work here will be those embryonic beginnings of forming ideas ready for a wee bit of formal publishing, hopefully. So this is it, I’m committing to try and be more available. I hope you enjoy, I appreciate your company. Thank you! On twitter I am @laughingOT. xx

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I'm a senior occupational therapy lecturer and have been specialising in therapeutic use of humour for 2 decades. This delicious topic has taken me on an expedition through a landscape of positive psychology and beyond. I am fascinated by wellness strategies, practices embedded on global cultures and want to share my learnings with you, if you'll accompany me. Thank you! xxx

11 thoughts on “In the beginning…”

  1. Blogging is ideal for your purposes, so — good decision! Provided you keep categories under control (and oh that’s hard) and tag wisely, a blog also acts as a database or document management system. Above all, enjoy yourself!

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